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A Bxxlght is built with an exterior frame of plexi glas or aluminum and with internal lighting source designed to illuminate a graphic from behind. The changeable lightbox’s letters are removable and are placed directly on a built-in etched plexiglas panel illuminated by LED’s (easy to change).

Can you hang the light boxes on the wall?

Yes you can! There are two key holes on the back of every light box.

For how long can the light shine in the light boxes?

The lifetime of the LED’s are approximately 10.000 hours. LED is easy to change and can be bought through orders

What happens when the LED “dies” ?

You can change the led by taking of the backside of the light box.

How do I change the LED?

If you have a a Changeable light box, the frame opens from the front. You can find detailed instructions of how to do this in the manual. We can also send you a video on how to change it. If you have a Bonjour, Ciao, or Aloha lightbox, the frame opens from the back.

Can the light boxes be placed outside?

No, this is something we do not recommend.

Download your Bxxlght manual

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