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5,100 kr


The original changeable BXXLGHT lightbox + a 56 Letter Package for you to create your own custom quotes depending on your mood. Find inspiration in our pictures or do something completely new – it’s all up to you to create your own BXXLGHT statement piece.

  The Changeable Lightbox is dimmable for you to set the mood right. A remote is included for you to easily change the brightness of the Lightbox whenever you like to. Let your interior do the talking!

Included letters: A:3 B:2, C:2, D:2, E:5, F:2, G:2, H:2, I:2, J:1, K:1, L:3, M:2, N:4, O:3, P:2, Q:1, R:3, S:3, T:2, U:1, V:1, W:2, X:1, Y:3, Z:1

Lightbox Dimensions: Height: 50 cm Width: 70 cm Depth: 13.5 cm.

Plexiglas with aluminum frame, LED light, rubber cord of 3 meters. Comes with a European, UK, or US plug. With the modern LED technology the lightbox consumes ten times less power than a standard lightbulb. The LED lasts 10,000 hours, doesn't get hot and can be easily changed by purchasing a new LED strip from us. See, being kind to the environment works in your favor as well.

For inspiration on how to style your lightbox, check out our Instagram page.


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