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The original changeable BXXLGHT lightbox + a 56 Letter Package for you to create your own custom quotes depending on your mood. Find inspiration in our pictures or do something completely new – it’s all up to you to create your own BXXLGHT statement piece.

Let your interior do the talking!

Included letters: A:3 B:2, C:2, D:2, E:5, F:2, G:2, H:2, I:2, J:1, K:1, L:3, M:2, N:4, O:3, P:2, Q:1, R:3, S:3, T:2, U:1, V:1, W:2, X:1, Y:3, Z:1

Lightbox Dimensions: Height: 50 cm Width: 70 cm Depth: 13.5 cm.

Plexiglas with aluminum frame, LED light, rubber cord of 3 meters. Comes with a European, UK, or US plug. With the modern LED technology the lightbox consumes ten times less power than a standard lightbulb. The LED lasts 10,000 hours, doesn't get hot and can be easily changed by purchasing a new LED strip from us. See, being kind to the environment works in your favor as well.

For inspiration on how to style your lightbox, check out our Instagram page.


EU 3-4 Weeks UK 3-4 Weeks US 3-4 Weeks
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