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Pink Circle

200 €



Meet the newcomer to the BXXLGHT family: The Pink Circle!

This BXXLGHT design is completely new and will work perfect as a wall lamp, bedside lamp or as artwork alone or together with several pieces on your gallery wall. One thing is for sure - it will definitely set the mood right!

The Pink Circle is made entirely from recyclable and lightweight polycarbonate and cellular plastic. The piece is fitted with a black cable and can be displayed hung on the wall or standing on its own.

Diameter:25 cm
Depth: 7 cm

Cord Length: 3 meters
Weight: Approximately 0,5 kg
Comes with a European, UK, or US plug.

♡ 210-240v~50-60Hz
♡ Energy efficient GE-LED modules producing 5w
♡ Over 50'000 Burning Hours
♡ 1 Year warranty is provided.


3-7 Days.


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